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Thailand Events and Festivals

New Year's Day (1 Jan 11)
Thai people celebrate New Year nationwide. However, grand-scale celebrations take place in many areas in Bangkok and major provinces like Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Phuket.In Bangkok,you can enjoy the exhilarating countdown events on the night of December 31 at Ratchaprasong area (Central World Plaza), Rama VIII Bridge, the National Stadium, Silom and Sanam Luang.

Around January to February, Bangkok holds the Ban Thawai Wood Carving Fair. Here one can watch demonstrations of woodcarving and other local handicrafts as well as purchase the products produced.
event festivals nakhonsawan
The work is that of Northern Thais and tends to be more intricate than that of their southern cousins. It’s well worth a visit.Chinese New Year takes place around the end of January or beginning of February, according to the moon. Bangkok’s China Town puts on a show of firecrackers, lion dancers parade, live music and loads of food stalls. Lanterns line the streets and the smell of incense wafts through the air.
Chiang Mai Flower Festival

This festival is held to promote the growing of flowers and decorative plants in Chiang Mai, featuring a parade of colourful petalled floats and beauty contests.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival, held in the first few days of February, is noted for its colour.The north of Thailand has a rich variety of flowering plants. It is celebrated with floral floats parading the streets as well as flower displays, beauty pageants and handicraft sales to enjoy.


The most frenetic festival in the country is that of Songkran, the Lunar New Year and all-around national water fight. Held from the 13th to 15th April each year…it’s a wet one! Traditionally it was celebrated by Buddha images being bathed with water and the showing of respect to monks and elders. From the sprinkling of water onto someone’s hands it has evolved into mass drenching for anyone who decides to venture outdoors. This has to be one of the friendliest, though wet, festivals anywhere and a great way to make new friends. In places like Chiang Mai , Sukhothai and Bangkok’s Khao San Road, Songkran lasts up to 9 days!

Songkran festivals event in thailand
Songkran in Khao San Road

Tip:Don’t leave cameras or cell phones unprotected…nothing is spared if you happen to get a dousing during the Songkran festivities!

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One of the wildest festivals next to Songkran is Phi Ta Khon Festival, celebrated in Loei province. It is an animist-Buddhist festival in which revellers parade in garish ‘spirit’ costumes, wear painted masks and carved wooden phalli. Takes place according to the moon from mid-May to mid-June.

The Rocket Festival (Bung Bang Fai)

The Rocket Festival
(Bung Bang Fai) in the north eastern region is a literal explosion of village-crafted rockets. The rockets are fired into the sky in hopes to bring rain for the rice fields. This festival is celebrated mainly in Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani and Yasothon. Takes place according to the moon from mid-May to mid-June.

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony

held on 14 May in Bangkok, celebrates the official commencement of the rice-planting season. This is an ancient Brahman ritual and the participants who perform various ceremonies, believed to forecast an abundant rice crop, wear colorful costumes. Festivities take place in Sanam Luang park in across the street from the Grand Palace.

Visakha Puja Day

It is one of the most important Buddhist holy days. On this day in different years, the Buddha was born, attained Enlightenment and entered Nirvana.

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Asalha Puja Day
(on the full-moon day of the 8th Thai lunar month = 26 Jul 10)
On this day the Buddha gave his first sermon to his first five disciples after his Enlightenment.

Khao Phansa Day
The first day of the three-month period of Rain Retreat when monks meditate and study the Buddha's doctrine and laymen renew their commitment to follow the precepts of Buddhism. Monks are required to stay at their resident temples throughout the Rain Retreat period.

Candle Festival candle_festival in Ubon Ratchathani

People in many provinces in the Northeast celebrate Khao Phansa Day by arranging processions of folk dances and floats to the monasteries, carrying huge, intricately carved candles to be lit continuously throughout the Rain Retreat period. Grand celebrations take place in Ubon Ratchathani province.


It’s the Queen’s Birthday on 12 August and also Thailand’ s Mother’s Day. As with all royal anniversaries this celebration guarantees a display of fireworks and lights.
To celebrate the Queen's birthday and the Mother's Day, a grand celebration is held at Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace. There are free concerts and performances given by many popular Thai artists and a variety of entertainment. Buildings along Ratchadamnoen Road and other main roads are decorated with thousands of colourful lights, flags and portraits of the Queen.

vegetarian_phuket thailand

The Vegetarian Festival, held in early October, is celebrated in Phuket and Trang only. For this almost weeklong celebration, Chinese Buddhists eat only vegetarian food. There are numerous ceremonies and processions, which are both interesting and colourful. The food vegetarian sold in street stalls is well worth sampling. Self-mortification is practiced to prove strength and purity. Participants parade through the streets with spears and the like pierced through their skin cheeks and mouth. Feats are performed such as walking on hot coals, climbing bladed ladders and bathing in hot oil. Smaller towns in the south such as Krabi also celebrate on a smaller scale.

Loi Krathong or Festival of Light
Loi Krathong is the most romantic festival of this country. In the evening, people gather at the waterside to float krathongs,lotus-shaped vessels lovely decorated with flowers and lit candles, as a thanksgiving and worship to the Goddess of Water. Magnificent celebrations are held in Sukhothai and Chiang Mai.
The River Kwai Bridge Week River_Kwai_Kanchanaburi

It is held in Kanchanaburi province to commemorate the horrible ordeal suffered in the construction of the Death Railway to be used by the Japanese army as a route of supply from Thailand to Burma in World War II. The festival features a historical exhibition, fun fair, bazaar and exciting light & sound presentation.
December 5 is the King’s Birthday

December 5 is the King’s Birthday and a national holiday. The King is much revered and the majority of the country holds candles while singing the national anthem that evening. His birthday is celebrated by all Thais while government offices, private homes, businesses and the Grand Palace are all specially illuminated for the occasion. Phuket holds a sailing regatta in honour of the King. In honour of the King's birthday and his love of sailing, The King's Cup Regatta is held for the week of His Majesty's birthday (5-12 December ). The exciting race draws people and yachts from around the globe.Also held in December in Phuket is the Phuket Triathlon. Like the Kings Cup Regatta it too attracts participants from around the globe.

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National Holidays
  • January 1 - New Year’s Day
  • February (full moon day) - Makka Bucha
  • April 6 - Chakri Dynasty Day
  • April 13 - Songkran, Thai Lunar New Year
  • May 1 - Labour Day
  • May 5 - Coronation Day
  • May (full moon day) - Visakha Bucha
  • July (full moon day) - Asanha Bucha commemorates the first sermon of Buddha
  • August 12 - Queen’s Birthday
  • October 23 - Chulalongkorn Day
  • December 5 - King’s Birthday
  • December 10 - Constitution Day
  • December 31 - New Year’s Eve
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